2009 2nd XI Match reports


Horseheath 204 for 7, Camden 205 for 4. RESULT - CAMDEN WIN

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11-07-09 - HOME TO BALSHAM

Balsham 145 ALL OUT, Camden 138 ALL OUT. RESULT - BALSHAM WIN

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Camden 212 ALL OUT, Doddington 178 for 9. RESULT - CAMDEN WIN

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27-06-09 - HOME TO ST GILES


Probably Nigels Fault!

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Cheffins CCA Senior 1 Table as of 20-06-09

St Ives Town CC, Hunts - 1st XI7618018.29
Cambridge St. Giles CC - 1st XI86212016.5
Doddington CC - 1st XI86212016.5
Thriplow CC - 1st XI84426013.25
Horseheath CC - 1st XI84424013
Balsham CC - 1st XI83535011.88
Barrington CC, Cambs - 1st XI83532011.5
Camden CC - 2nd XI83532011.5
Wilbrahams CC - 1st XI72534010.57
Fulbourn Institute CC - 1st XI82644010.5

'p' = Played
'w'= Won (20 points)
'l'= Lost (0 points)
'bp' = Bonus Points
'pen' = Penalty Points
'ave' = Average Points


Camden 162 ALL OUT, Thriplow 163 for 4. RESULT - THRIPLOW WIN

I’m no anthropologist but I’m led to believe that human evolution has been greatly assisted by opposable thumbs and an ability to learn from mistakes. Neither was on display against Thriplow as Nigel miraculously won another toss and chose to bat on an Emmanuel wicket that would require the lessons learnt last week to be put into practice for a par score of 200 to be posted. That Cheyne’s 36 was top score and most people were caught or stumped going for big shots tells a sorry tale of lessons unlearnt, and we were all out for 162. Aside from their leg-spinner, Thriplow’s bowling attack didn’t prove to be anything special. We just contrived to throw wickets away by failing to exercise the necessary patience or application at the crease.

If Thriplow are our bogey team then ‘The Bus’ is most definitely our bogeyman. In contrast to previous years, limiting him to 49 might sound good; but in a relatively low-scoring encounter the fact we dropped him three times was criminal. Our once reliable fielding has let us down on a number of occasions this year; none more so than in this match, and the visitors were allowed to stroll to a 6-wicket win.

Match Report - Wilfred Sutton


Camden 147 ALL OUT, Barrington 122 ALL OUT. RESULT - CAMDEN WIN

On attempting to bat first on a deceptive Emmanuel track Camden II found themselves in trouble once again. Will Sutton shone again with his unbeaten 77 but did not receive much support as we found ourselves at 112-9. But a decent 10th wicket partnership of 35 helped to make a very average score of 147. Things looked to be going Barrington’s way until a blitz from Cheyne saw the stumps uprooted twice in 2 balls, putting the pressure back on the visitors. Viktor gained another trademark wicket with the full toss that was dispatched firmly into Will Sutton’s hands, much to Griggsy’s delight. Barrington settled down again but when their last threat was out to an awesome catch at long off by Alfie, the game was in our hands. A then comic moment by Mr Sportsmanship ensued, with him throwing his bat into the stumps and driving straight home! Cheyne and Browny bowled brilliantly at the death to ensure we bowled them out for 120, a great win given the circumstances.
Match Highlight * An injured fielder picking up the ball with his wrong hand and getting a direct hit from square leg to run Cheyne out by half a foot.


Match Report - Vickram Dixon


Camden 232 for 5, Wilbrahams 228 for 8. RESULT - CAMDEN WIN

After last week’s capitulation took us to four defeats on the bounce, this match fell into the must win category. Team news was mixed: we were missing Griggsy, Matt Merry, old (and wise?) heads Nigel Dixon and Kevin O’Grady, but welcomed back Nick Bright, Harry Spurling, Australian man-mountain Cheyne Cicoja and the less-mountainous Ali Khan.

Skippering on his birthday, Alfie Dixon carried on that fine family tradition of losing the toss, and was soon carrying on another tradition: despite threatening a mammoth opening partnership every week, it seems that serenely reaching 40-odd is a signal that one of Dixon or Sutton must get out. This time it was Alf, a victim of overconfidence as much as a cunning slower ball. Harry Spurling – making David Gower look intense – maintained the run rate until holing out to deep point, before Wilbraham’s change bowlers put the brakes on. Having ‘forgotten’ that Nick Bright was left-handed, the umpire reversed an LBW decision, but the comedy was not to end there: attempting a quick single to the oldest member of the fielding side might sound like a good idea, but not when that fielder rockets in a throw to affect a run out by several yards. That brought in Andy Brown who, despite (or maybe because of) his hangover, proceeded to smite the ball to all parts and gave the innings much-needed impetus. Having played himself out of form, your ever-modest reporter fed off Brownie’s assault and a score of 200+ looked back on the cards. Brownie ran himself out for 51 (although he might see it differently – certainly from a lower perspective), before Ali Khan came in to maim their opening bowler, assist your still-modest reporter to an undefeated century, and Camden II to a respectable 232-5.
Feeding off fortune, the space afforded by attacking fields, and the extra pace of Cicoja and Alf, Wilbrahams got off to a rapid start. Cheyne picked up a wicket, before Brownie and Gavin Ayliffe slowed things down. It was to be Vik Dixon who really changed the course of the match, taking 4 wickets including their opener for 80. Still, it went right down to the wire with 10 needed from the final over – and 6 from the final ball. Brownie held his nerve and we held on to win by 4 runs. All in all a great game of cricket, all the better for coming out on top.

Match report - Wil.i.am Sutton


Fulbourn 164 for 9, Camden 120 ALL OUT. RESULT - FULBOURN WIN

The good news is that we played in glorious sunshine. The bad news is that we crashed to a fourth successive defeat (although I'm not sure how at the time of writing).
Nige lost the toss as expected, but Griggsy, Alfie, Browny, and Vic all bowled well to restrict the hosts to 164 for 9. Camden even fielded well for the most part and took a couple of good catches, courtesy of Griggsy and Matt. Highlights include a new variation from Vic (an optical illusion makes the ball appear to go backwards), conceding 5 runs fairly innocuously off one delivery (and then being disappointed that it didn't match the much heralded 8 runs in another fixture), and Matt Merry swearing (a highlight not for the swearing itself but for the subsequent reprimand from our favourite umpire). Alfie then opened the batting and all was well as he reached 50 and beyond. Starts from Will and O'Grady supported this effort, but then it all went horribly, horribly wrong as we limped to 120 all out. (Ouch!)

Match report - Andy Collings

23-05-09 - AWAY TO ST IVES

Camden 140 ALL OUT, St Ives 141 for 3. RESULT - ST IVES WIN

As we discovered in the corresponding fixture last year, it’s always nice to beat a side who could be accused of taking things a touch too seriously. This year St Ives have appeared to up the stakes further by introducing even more As Seen On TV moments (team hug, anyone?), and with the signing of a pro from the East Anglian Premier League. Alas, we are in a shocking run of form and a repeat performance and result from last year was not forthcoming. Bowled out for 140 on a belting wicket, we were stuffed out of sight by 6 wickets in a tediously one-sided affair. The fun only began afterwards when it emerged that their pro was still registered as a Godmanchester player and St Ives’ win against St Giles had been overturned on appeal. Cue frantic letter writing and, hopefully, some much-needed points.

Match report - Willard Sutton


Horseheath 285 for 5, Camden 229 for 9. RESULT - HORSEHEATH WIN

Most local sports fans would have hoped that Cambridge United’s latest sorry attempt at play-off glory would be the weekend’s only event to evoke a sense of dejavu. Those who glanced at the CCA Senior 1 fixture list would have known better: Camden II always get stuffed at Horseheath. And so it proved, as we lived to regret a shoddy display of catching (or dropping) that led to our hosts amassing 285-5. Having been dropped three times (once before scoring), the main beneficiary of our generosity was to be their opener who hit 155 not out to go with his spectacular facial injuries. (Browny, are you reading this? It could have been you on the honours board in the famous Horseheath Long Room). To be fair, it was a well-paced and ultimately brutal innings. Despite the lack of support in the field and evidence in the scorebook, our bowlers deserve praise for persevering in trying conditions. In particular, debutant Gavin Ayliffe bowled well for his three wickets and might have finished up with more economical figures but for the same buttery fingers which now type this report.
In reply, a steady loss of wickets hampered our chances and the big partnership required never materialised despite everyone getting decent starts. Dip (fluently) and Wellsy (violently) notched 50s but it was to no avail as we ended up 229 all out: a score more like the one we should have been chasing had we taken our chances in the field.

Match report - William Sutton


Camden 232 ALL OUT, Doddington 236 for 5. RESULT - DODDINGTON WIN

An exciting match, punctuated by some good cricket and some bizarrely funny bits. A very dry pitch and a small ground saw us to 110 – 1 after 20 overs, but only Will Sutton (63) went on after getting 20-odd from the first 8. Michael Griggs smashed it to all parts to get a rapid 36* to take us to a reasonable score. Then came the weird stuff. Wellsy’s bizarre throw from 10 yards which limped to the middle of the pitch was quickly superseded by newboy Ben’s throw to Dip who was walking back to his mark which smacked him in the side of the head. Genius. Ben, together with Griggsy, bowled beautifully, pinning them back to the point where they needed 9 an over off 15. Your correspondent is, of course, far too modest to mention the brilliant run out of the fattest man to play cricket since Richard Battye. The fact that he had the turning circle of a small galaxy is irrelevant. With such a small ground and dropped catches, they were soon back into it and won in the last over. The overriding memory will be, of course, skipper Nigel Dixon’s run out, batting with Matty Merry. Having turned down an easy single, they went for a run when the fielder inexplicably fell over. He picked himself up to throw in a crap throw, but Nige was still run out by miles, hobbling along with his pulled fetlock. Both he & Ali Khan were crocks in the field and look likely to miss Horseheath next week.

Match report - Kevin O'Grady

02-05-09 - AWAY TO BALSHAM

Camden 224 FOR 7, Balsham 153 all out. RESULT - CAMDEN WIN

Remarkable: for the first time in living memory, we won the first game of the season! Inserted onto a very dry pitch for early May (which looked a bit dodgy), we struggled early on against some swing and indifferent bounce,: Sutton & O’Grady going for early season “girls” to mid on. Alfie Dixon (84) rode some early luck before settling in really well and, with Nigel Gadsby (53), put on 120 for the 3rd wicket. It was good, watchful stuff against some straight bowling. Dip Basu (25) did very well, increasing the momentum before we lost some wickets at the end, pushing hard. A score of about 180 looked about par on this pitch, so this was a really good effort.
David Coutts got us off to the ideal start, cleaning up their opener first ball. We maintained the pressure & wickets fell regularly, with Griggsy bowling supremely well (1-12 off 8). Sixes were a danger, and one of their batsmen took a shine to Vic Dixon, but Dip came on and sorted him out. Vic cleaned up the tail really well to finish with five as we cantered home, despite dropping 5 catches. So an auspicious start, given that they were promoted last year, winning ALL of their matches.

Match report - Kevin O'Grady